Seat Belt Convincer

Request a Tennessee Highway Safety Office seat belt convincer to be present at your event. 

Design Your Own County Data Infographic

Students are encouraged to design an infographic that represents their county crash statistics.

How to get started. 

Step 1: Select a traffic safety topic that interest you.

Think about what traffic safety awareness that interest you. What do you see as a problem in your city or school?  What would you like your peers and the public to know about this topic. Such as the crash rate for your county, distracted driving, crashes involving large trucks, pedestrians, and even teen crash rate. 

Step 2: Research

Work with Us

Move Over. Slow Down.

In 2016, the Tennessee Department of Transportation lost three workers in the line of duty. All three were struck by passing motorists. Those tragedies bring the total number of TDOT lives lost to 112. TDOT doesn't want to lose another member of their family. 

That's why TDOT started a new safety campaign - they are asking you to #WorkWithUs



"Safe Driving Pledge"

Take the pledge a safe driving pledge or create your own.

This initiative focuses on educating people – especially teens – about the dangers of texting and driving and commit to being a safe driver.


Earn points by participating in the Thumbs Down TN Social Media Campaign!

Talk with your peers about the dangers of Distractive Driving and how to be safe behind the wheel. Under Downloads are some helpful links to get the conversation going. Receiving points is easy - simply take a photo and post to Reduce TN Crashes and Share on social media.

Bonus Points

Extra Points for going above and beyond!

Do you think your school deserves extra points for your traffic safety activities? Submit a photo and a description of how your school went the extra mile!

Extra points include spreading the word on social media, creating banners, and communication with partners.

SADD Leadership Retreat

A 2 -day camp to provide training in youth development, leadership, and prevention.

The SADD Leadership Retreat is a weekend of leadership activities, team building, and fun! This is a great opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and empower yourself to make a change in your community. 

Rock the Belt

What We Are Doing About It: SADD chapters across the country are implementing SADD’s Rock the Belt Campaign.

During this week-long event, students can participate in fun and effective activities to raise awareness, educate, and engage peers, the community and even parents on the statistics and why it’s critical to buckle up, every time, in every vehicle. If your chapter used Rock the Belt, report your results using the form included in the activity guide!

VR Day

Host a virtual reality day for your school!

Experience various virtual reality simulations related to traffic safety. Provide by industry leaders such as Tennessee Trucking Foundation, SADD, Tennessee Highway Safety Office, and LIFT. See more at TTUiCube.