Cookeville High School submission of "Click It & Ticket It"

Date of Completion: 
Monday, December 2, 2013 - 16:00
Activity Completed: 
Your School: 
Cookeville High School
On October 21st, members of the Cookeville High School TEST Club held a Click It and Ticket after school at Cookeville High School. We had members set up at every exit collecting data about parents, students, teachers, leaving Cookeville High School. We checked for seat belt usage. If the car riders were buckled they received a ticket stating so and likewise if they were unbuckled they received a ticket stating so, but we also asked and reminded them to buckle up. They turned in their tickets the next two days of school at lunch time. If they were buckled they received a smartie and if they were not buckled they received a dum dum. We stressed to those who were unbuckled the importance of buckling up. They also had their names put into a drawing for gift cards from Wal Mart.