Science Hill High School submission of "Teens Share the Road Trailer"

Date of Completion: 
Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 19:00
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Science Hill High School
Science Hill HS Alternative Center invited Tennessee Highway Patrol to bring the Teens and Trucks Share the Road trailer to the school. They came and the students had so much fun. Our local TV news crew, WJHL, attended and showed our activity on the 12:00 pm news. Thirty-one SHHS-AC students completed the Teens and Trucks Share the Road program. Unfortunately, our mp4 video is still able to be uploaded on the site. We took photos proving the existence of the video. Look closely at the photos labeled as video to see the mp4 marking. Also look closely at the bottom right of the photos labeled WJHL. Their logo is on the bottom right corner. Please accept this as complete credit for this project.