Sycamore High School submission of "Click & Ticket"

Date of Completion: 
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 09:30
Activity Completed: 
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Sycamore High School
We participated in Click IT & Ticket. We completed our first unannounced seatbelt check on 05/01/2014. We had 527 belted people and 74 unbelted on the first check. After the unannounced check we began making announcements about wearing your seat belt and handing out candy and literature in the afternoon as students were leaving campus. The day of the ticket event, 05/14/2014 there were 563 belted and 23 unbelted. The final check there 577 belted and 12 unbelted. This is a dramatic increase in people wearing their seat belt since the beginning of the school year when we began the year with Battle of the Belt with a 79% seatbelt usage. We noticed that even today all but one of the unbelted people were passengers. In the future we will continue to promote seatbelt usage, but will emphasize the importance of making sure your passengers are buckled up as well.