TN State Trooper Guest Speaker

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Monday, April 9, 2018 - 08:30
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Harpeth High School
Tell us about how students prepared for this activity? Students researched the requirements to become a state trooper and prepared questions for the guest speaker How were students involved and impacted? Current data about teen driving "monsters." The students were impacted by the true stories of things he has seen and had to deal with, and the impact those events have had on him personally. The "real" conversation he had regarding giving death notifications to families was great for the kids to hear. Its always good for the students to hear the real life stories and the fact that many of the stories happened within our county or the counties surrounding us really brought the information home to these kids. Hopefully, it took a chip out of the "it cant happen to me" attitude that these kids can have. What were the best components about this activity? Great interaction with Lt. Plotzer! He was open to all their questions and he answered them with not only the statistics but with real life examples.
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Definitely will have them come again.
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