It’s Christmas time in DC

Nine of our BU Club members volunteered their time to put up a Christmas tree to represent our group for the school. They nailed street signs to wooden pallets (donated to us from the Transportation Dept), layered tires to make a tree, and trimmed the tire tree. The students had a really fun time doing this project.

Buckle Up Bingo at DCHS

For our Buckle Up/SADD Club meeting, our students played road sign bingo. Students had to have five signs vertical, horizontal, or diagonally in a row.
This was our first time with this activity and I’d say it was definitely a success!
I would share the material I used but the file size was too large.

VHS Activation

Volunteer High School HOSA is eager to participate in Reduce TN Crashes this year!

Invited Creekwood High school over to listen to presentation by TBI on Internet safety.

On Sept. 7th, 2023, We invited Creekwood High school to come to Dickson County High School to hear a presentation from Agent Kenny Blackburn from the TBI about Internet safety.

Seat Belt Selfie

Work Zone Awareness Scavenger Hunt

Seat Belt Selfie

Teen Driver Laws Banner

SHHS HOSA students gathered around the banner.

Science Hill High School HOSA – Graduated Driver License Program

Science Hill High School HOSA held its monthly general meeting. We watched the provided Graduated Driver License video. One of our teachers is a paramedic and discussed the importance of safe driving habits pulling from their experience in EMS. We had a lot of great discussion and began making plans to share this information with other students at school.

Activate South Greene High School