Buckle Up America Sign

Safe Driving Metal Signs Walker Valley High School Wednesday, November 9, 2016 – 10:00 https://reducetncrashes.com/sites/default/files/IMG_3350_0.JPG Enjoy?: Clear?: Participation?: Suggestions?: Orgs:

Thumbs up for slow down tn

Explained why the Slow Down TN signs are posted throughout our campus to several students. I asked them to help me out and get their photo taken after the explaination.

Thumbs up for safe driving metal signs

Talked to several students about the signs that are posted around our campus.

Thumbs up for no drowsy driving sign at main entrance at CCHS

Explained signs to several students who asked about all the signs on our campus.

Thumbs down TN for Booze it and Lose it banner

Explained the effects of drinking and driving to several students. They wanted their photo taken to show support against drinking and driving.

Invitation to SMHS to CCHS for Defensive driving event

I invited Stone Memorial High School Principal, students, faculty and staff to Cumberland County High School for a Defensive Driving event on September 30th.


SADD Motorcycle Trailer


SADD Nationals