Jeopardy Teen Driving Game

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Safe Driving Metal Signs

Ollie Otter Program

Volunteer to help educate children on passenger safety. Participants will volunteer to participate in Ollie Otter presentations, interacting with elementary school children to promote child passenger safety. Opportunities for Service Learning hours/credit may be available depending on your high school’s required curriculum. Points are awarded on a per person basis, 100 points per volunteer session.… Continue reading Ollie Otter Program

ThinkFast Interactive

ThinkFast Interactive is an interactive game show with MTV style production set, music, videos, host, and engaging trivia. ThinkFast® is an interactive awareness game show that appeals to all ages with its MTV style production set, mainstream music and videos, an entertaining host, and informative and engaging trivia. ThinkFast® utilizes the Fleetwood Audience Response System… Continue reading ThinkFast Interactive

Click It and Ticket

The purpose of this project is to promote highway safety among teens and focus on seatbelt compliance. This project is also intended to be directed by the teens themselves, therefore promoting leadership, development, and ownership of highway safety issues. “Click it & Ticket” is a play on words of the usual slogan of “Click it… Continue reading Click It and Ticket

Graduated Driver License (GDL) Material

Request free THSO materials that promote the GDL program. The free materials include rack and wallet cards that advocate for teen traffic safety and promote the Graduated Driver Licensing program. The material shows the laws pertaining to young driving, the monetary consequences of drinking and driving, and the personal implications that stem from distracted driving.… Continue reading Graduated Driver License (GDL) Material

Seat Belt Convincer

Request a Tennessee Highway Safety Office seat belt convincer to be present at your event. The convincer allows a rider to safely experience the force generated during a 5-10 MPH crash. This force shows how effective a seat belt can be in keeping a person in their seat and reducing movement. A standard power outlet… Continue reading Seat Belt Convincer