In celebration of National Teen Driver Safety Week, we would like to recognize Tennessee superstars making a difference in the lives of our youth. Today’s teen driver safety superstar is Deputy Jordan Baker, School Resource Officer at White House Heritage High School. Deputy Baker was nominated by Jennifer Holmes, Juvenile Outreach Director for the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office.
“Deputy Jordan Baker educates student drivers and pre-student drivers on vehicle safety and the safety of their occupants. Deputy Baker goes above and beyond to build rapport and credibility with his students. His method of educating students includes large and small group settings, one-on-one, and practical exercises. He educates student drivers and pre-student drivers on impaired driving, distracted driving, basic vehicle safety, traffic laws, and the huge responsibility that comes with driving. He explains updated statistical evidence and facts to new drivers and pre-drivers about the responsibility of driving and the potential dangers; along with making sure his students understand that driving is defensive and any offensive driving will negatively impact the student, their family, and the community. Deputy Baker educates students on how lack of experience, their new found freedom and the show off mentality are all likely to get someone hurt. He explains how cell phones, music, social media, and passengers can be distractions. Deputy Baker explains the importance of keeping vehicles cleaned out, free from debris and how every loose object in the vehicle becomes a weapon when they are involved in a collision. He is a major asset to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, Heritage High School, and the entire community for his commitment to teen driver safety.”