HHS TTI 2017

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Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 10:15
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Harpeth High School
Tell us about how students prepared for this activity? This was our first trip to TTI so they had no idea how to prepare or what they were about to experience! How were students involved and impacted? The students that attended TTI were greatly impacted by the guest speakers. The information they gathered from each seminar and then discussed with their family groups opened up conversations that were deep and meaningful. The students were encouraged to bring the information back to their school. The students had awesome conversations during our team meetings and they were focused on completing our action plan. The team discussed which seminars had the most impact and would be best suited for our school and its issues. The put together an action plan and were ready to execute it for this school year. What were the best components about this activity? The students really enjoyed the down to earth speakers, who "told it like it is." The real life examples of bad choices hit home and had a great impact.
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HHS Student Leadership
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