Merrol Hyde Magnet School submission of "Host a Schoolwide Traffic Awareness"

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Monday, April 21, 2014 - 02:15
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Merrol Hyde Magnet School
Mr. James Carr who is a teacher at Station Camp High School and has a Grandson at MHMS came to speak to all the Juniors and Seniors about Drinking and Driving. Mr. Carr had lost his duaghter when she was in high school and had been drinking before getting behind the wheel and caused a head on crash. Mr. Carr talked the students through the steps of the entire night of the incident and even standing by her lifeless body at the hospital. Since he has ties with many of the kids at MHMS, he stressed the point of making the righ choices when it comes to drinking and driving since it is the week of Prom and near Graduation. Mr. Carr also talked to the about wearing their seatbelts, he told them that the person in the other car survived by wearing a seatbelt and that his daughter had not been wearing hers. Mr. Carr's speech seemed to have made a strong impact on the students since they all knew him and his Grandson at the school. The program was conducted after High School lunch and all 11th and 12th grade students were present.
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