Merrol Hyde Magnet School submission of "Ticket Your Parents"

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 23:00
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Merrol Hyde Magnet School
Deputy J. Smith submitted an entry in the PTO newsletter the Hawk Talk for the Febuary issue. The entry talked to parents about proper drop-off and pick-up prcedures at the school. The entry also informed the parents about making sure they are Buckled Up even while on campus and having their students buckle up. It was also brought up about trying not to use your cell phone while in the campus lines because this could cause a distraction to the driver and risk a chance of being invovled in a crash with another vehicle or pedestrain. It was also explained that Texting while Driving was against the law in Tennessee and that law needed to be followed while on campus so the they could concentrate of safe driving. Parents while also informed to keep their eyes on the raod and not to be driving foward while looking to the side or truning around behind them. This has caused several parents to run up on the sidewalk in the past and lucy no kids have been hit. (I submitted under this Activity based on the following email response) The Safe Driving Lecture would count as a school-wide awareness event worth 300 points, and the parent newsletter could be submitted under the ³Ticket Your Parent² program. It¹s not exactly ³Ticket Your Parent² but its similar in that it ties student and parent awareness together. Thanks for inquiring! Kate Nicewicz | Manager, BusinessMedia CenterTennessee Tech University | 1105 N. Peachtree Ave. | Johnson Hall 425 P.O. Box 5103 | Cookeville, TN. 38505-0001 ph: (931) 372-6383 | dir: (931) 372-6334 | fax: (931) 372-6737
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