Safe Driving Rally

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Monday, May 15, 2017 - 10:45
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Cookeville High School
CHS TEST Club hosted the 5th annual Safe Driving Rally, including many guests from the Cookeville, Upper Cumberland and State to share teen safe driving best practices with our classmates. Over 25 agencies supporting our event with a booth, financial support, attendance. State Farm, AAA, SADD TN, Ollie Otter, THSO, THP, Putnam Sheriff, Cookeville PD, Baxter PD, Monterey PD, Putnam EMS, Putnam Fire, Cookeville High School, Putnam Co Board of Ed, TN Trucking, NoZone CHS Student Organizations. Mock Crash, Distracted Driving Awareness, Child Passenger Safety, etc.
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TEST club
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50% of school
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