Science Hill High School submission of "Host a Schoolwide Traffic Awareness Event"

Date of Completion: 
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 19:30
Your School: 
Science Hill High School
We tried to get creative and allow the students and staff to come together for this event. We entitled it "BEAT BAD DRIVING". We contacted a local salvage yard who donated a car. Students signed a pledge agreeing to be better drivers. Students were given 30 seconds to one minute to hit the car with a sledge hammer, a baseball bat or a claw hammer. Staff members even took several swings at the car. We put it in the front yard of the school. Passing police officers honked cruiser horns in support. The kids loved it! We are submitting this because it is an inexpensive even schools can do in keeping with the Reduce Teen (TN) Crashes campaign. We had no cost in the car. It was donated. We offered free advertising for Hilltop Salvage but the owner wanted it to be a "total donation" to our project. We copied our own pledges. Sledgehammers and ball bats are easy to locate.
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