TTI Tennessee Teen Institute

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Friday, June 22, 2018 - 13:30
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Stewart County High School
Tell us about how students prepared for this activity? The students worked in a group and did some community service hours with nursing home, with the school Kids Against Tobacco Substance (KATS) activities at school and in the community. How were students involved and impacted? The students were impacted in many ways. They made friendships and connected and networked with peers throughout the state. The students were in tears and were touched deeply during different sessions as students and adults spoke about different subjects especially bullying. They all said they would change somethings they have done in order not to hurt others and will do somethings to help people they hadn't done. What were the best components about this activity? The students being able to connect and network with their peers around the state and bring ideas back to their school.
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KATS - Kids Against Tobacco Substances
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