Red Thumb Reminder

Jeopardy Teen Driving Game

Distracted Driving Poster


Earn points by participating in the Thumbs Down TN Social Media Campaign! Talk with your peers about the dangers of Distractive Driving and how to be safe behind the wheel. Under Downloads are some helpful links to get the conversation going. Receiving points is easy – simply take a photo and post to Reduce TN… Continue reading #ThumbsDownTN

ThinkFast Interactive

ThinkFast Interactive is an interactive game show with MTV style production set, music, videos, host, and engaging trivia. ThinkFast® is an interactive awareness game show that appeals to all ages with its MTV style production set, mainstream music and videos, an entertaining host, and informative and engaging trivia. ThinkFast® utilizes the Fleetwood Audience Response System… Continue reading ThinkFast Interactive

Report Distracted Driving

Students can submit reports of exactly where they have witnessed distracted driving. “Decide to Drive” wants everyone to submit reports on a distracted driver that they’ve seen! We all need to assume responsibility for driving safety. Visit the Decide to Drive website to learn more about the program, to submit distracted driving reports, and to… Continue reading Report Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Banner

Receive a banner to hang up and promote no texting while driving in your school! This distracted driving banner is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The campaign focuses on warning young drivers against the dangers of distracted driving by providing factual information regarding the consequences of texting and driving. For more information on… Continue reading Distracted Driving Banner